A Freelancer is one who pursues a profession, usually in the arts, under no long-term contractual commitments to any one employer or company. They are on their own to find work, negotiate the terms and compensation for that work, and deliver the work to the satisfaction of the paying client. The term freelancer is often used interchangeably with the terms independent contractor, consultant, and vendor.

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John Warnock

is an independent media producer, camera man, online video editor and noted colorist. His work has appeared on the Lifetime Network, Global Television, Knowledge Network, History Television, MuchMusic, CCTV China and Vision TV. Additionally he works as a problem solver, does a lot of graphics, web design, was an Instructor at Victoria Motion Picture School and technical consultant in most things on Apple PC's. He has worked with many great people on many projects over the last decade and looks forward to making the next ten years as good as the last.

Resume & CV for download in pdf Resume / Curriculum vitae

Education & Background

• Awarded Full Scholarship to Victoria Motion Picture School 2002/03.
• Editing Instructor at Victoria Motion Picture School 2003-04.
• Ten years graphic design experience in Adobe creative software.
• Experience editing with Final Cut Pro since it’s release in 2000.
• Skilled in many other applications on the Mac platform.

John comes from a background in computer sales and technical service, graphic design & media production. This journey, started in 1998 and has been one of dedication to the craft of professional media creation from concept to completion. Backed with a high level technical knowledge & skill in photography and video, his goals are to enjoy life and use his talents to enrich every production he works on.